Endangered animal habitats will be, well, endangered

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If the Bush administration has their way it will be up to agencies who conduct projects like highway development, commercial and residential development, and so on, whether or not their projects will endanger the habitats of endangered species.

That’s right, the people who stand to profit the most from these projects will decide if animals are in danger from the projects or not. Sure, the way our government has been going they won’t let a thing like MONEY get in the way of protecting endangered species. What next? Allowing pedophiles decide if they should be allowed near children or not?

Seriously, this is a bad move. We need to protect our planet and legislation like this will surely do the opposite by allowing the destruction of animal habitats for the benefit of a few already wealthy politicians and developers. Because of legislation like the endangered species act stopped the over-development of places like the Florida Everglades which has proven to be highly important to the local ecosystem. Now, we will be able to witness the destruction of such species on the brink like wolves and the buffalo. Nah, we don’t need them, that superhighway is more important. Oh, and since we’ll have the superhighway, we might as well build a 500 acre mega mall with a 1500 acre parking lot.

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