Linens ‘N Things & George Foreman grills – why did I bother?

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Right now I am really mad at Linens ‘n Things and the George Foreman grills.

I went to the Linens ‘N Things that was having their clearance on Okeechobee Blvd in West Palm Beach. I purchased a George Foreman grill (Model GR44BWVTCAN). It was a nice grill – the one that is larger in size and you can control the heat on each side separately. It was marked down (due to the clearance) from $100 to $60. Note: This was NOT a demo / display unit. It was brand new, sealed in the box.

The next night I went to use it, I figured it would be a good night for some chicken and vegetables on that grill. To my surprise, only half of the grill worked. The right half would not heat up. I had it set to 400 degrees and 10 minutes later (as it was still “on”) I could put my hand on it (and not get burned).

I called the store and I was told that they were out but since it was new and sealed, I should be able to exchange it at another location. So, I went to the location in Coral Springs, FL and the cashier called the manager. He said he couldn’t take it back (I worked in retail enough to know that if you sell a product, you can take it back and send it back for a refund, with very few exceptions). Not only did I get the impression that he didn’t really care about my situation, he tried to walk away with my receipt! I made sure I took it from him as he was turning to walk away.

Disappointed, I sent an email to the only email address I could find (on their website) and someone got back to me. I was told that I didn’t purchase it at a Linens N Things (funny, the store said “Linens ‘N Things”, the receipt said “Linens ‘N Things” and so did all of the name badges of the people working there. He told me to call the manager at the store in West Palm.

I called her and she said that they could exchange it for the same amount of money in other products. A lot of good that would do me, by then they had nothing I’d want.

I’ve also looked around for warranty information for these grills since the documentation states that there is a warranty but no contact information. Guess what? They have no site (a Google search only provides people selling the grills, no manufacturer or warranty contact information).

Right now I am on the verge of calling my credit card and protesting the charges since I bought something, it does not work, and no one is willing to help me with it.

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2 Responses to “Linens ‘N Things & George Foreman grills – why did I bother?”

  1. James Says:

    did you go to and file a complaint there? i work for the company and if you explained it to the they should take care of it for you. make sure you have your receipt.

  2. admin Says:

    I did and they told me to contact the manager at the Linens ‘N Things I purchased it at which is when they offered to exchange it for the same amount (dollar wise) in what they had left.

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