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I’ve always liked growth / simulation games.  Some of my favorites are the SimCity and Civilization series games so you could imagine how interested I was when I first heard of Spore.  It seemed like a modern version of a cross between SimLife and Civilization.  In my book that has a lot of potential.

Unfortunately, the game did not live up to my expectations.  My biggest disappointment – the game is extremely linear to me.  Sure, you can dsign your own species of intelligent life and start from scratch but the game itself is a little boring and monotonous.

You start off as a microorganism and you need to eat plants or meat (or other animals).  OK, this can be interesting.  As you go, you find evolutionary add-ons (beaks, poison etc..) that will alow you to grow and become more powerful.  As you go on with this level, it becomes boring after a few levels.

Finally, you make it onto land.  You are a creature who needs to built intelligence and you can either destroy or ally with other creatures.  This can require some skill but with a little pratice, it can easily be mastered.  There are dozens of opprotunities here to get evolutionary powerups.

Next, you are sentient / intellignet but tribal.  You need to conquer other tribes either though allying with them or destroying them (sounds familiar?).  While this part can be fun, it is extremely repetitive and will get boring after a few times you go though this level.

Next is the intelligent / modern day level.  This is actually quite boring.  Again, you must either destroy (conquer) or ally with all of your rivals.  By this time I was bored with the repetiveness of the game.  You have three kinds of unites, land, sea, air (and only one of each kind).

Finally, you’re in the space race.  You can fly to other planets and guess what?  You can either make allies / trade partners or destroy / conquer other civilizations.  Wow.  Where have I seen this before?  Oh yeah, you only have one space ship (you can get get allies to fly with you depending on your level).

The graphics in the game are not that bad and do not choke my system (Intel Core2 1.8GHz, 2GB Gam, 512MB Video, not shared running XP home SP3) which is hard to find in today’s games (everyone tries to cram as much as they can into one game killing systems that even meet the “recommended system requirements”).  The control is easy to learn and simple to use.

The game had a lot of potential but did not live up to the hype in my eyes.  On a scale of one to ten I give the game a 4.  The easy to learn gameplay is what helped the game keep a score that high but the redundancy is a killer.

One of life’s great mysteries – magazine inserts

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I’m not kidding – these things are a huge mystery to me.

I get a few magazines, most come unwrapped (not in any packaging like many come today).  What I don’t get is, these things are in-transit to me, when I get them I fan them out to let any of the loose inserts (usually asking me to subscribe to the magazine I just got, though my subscription) and nothing happens so I think “OK, they just attach them inside now, no more loose ones”.


I lie down to read the magazine and within 3 pages I have pamphlets falling onto my chest, floating to the floor and wherever else they may go.

How the hell do they do that?  Is there some sort of invisible seal that prevents form falling out until someone starts to read the magazine (faning it out doesn’t help!).  Is it some sort of adhesive that is sensitive to being read?

Imagine the applications this could have.  Nope, Mr. Robber, I don’t have any money, just this books, see (as I flap the bookaround), knowing that my money would not come out until I get home.  This could also be a great step forward for the IT world, forcing people to at least START to read manuals until a critical part of their device falls out of the manual (or else it wouldn’t work!).

Of course, it would only be a matter of time before our military starts to use it for their own purposes.  Place a bomb in a book that won’t detonate until someone (preferably an enemy) reads it.  Hide ammunition in them, whatever.

Hey volunteers – how can you support one candidate when you don’t even know about others?

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Today I was approched by some Obamites (supporters of Obama) telling me that I should vote for Obama and that I need to vote for Obama.  OK, I’ve had enough, time to take off the gloves.

I told them, rather politely, that this is a public election and they have no right to tell me how to vote and by telling me how to vote they are trying to manipulate me out of my constitutional rights.  If they’d like, I can report their actions to their campaign office about this.

Next, I asked them how many candidates for president were there on our county ballot?  This is NOT a trick question.  Weeks ago I got a sample ballot and I recently voted (early).  Both insisted that there were only two candidates on the ballot – Obama and McCain.  Guess what?  WRONG!

There are THIRTEEN candidates on our ballot!

  • John McCain (REP)
  • Barak Obama (DEM)
  • Gloria La Riva (PSL)
  • Chuck Baldwin (CPF)
  • Gene Amondson (PRO)
  • Bob Barr (LBT)
  • Thomas Robert Stevens (OBJ)
  • James Harris (SWP)
  • Cynthia McKinnet (GRE)
  • Alan Keyes (AIP)
  • Ralph Nader (ECO)
  • Brian Moore (SPF)
  • Charles Jay (BTP)

Yes, that is thirteen candidates meaning that they did not know about 11, or roughly 84% of the candidates.  So then I asked them how can they tell me how to vote for one candidate when they didn’t even know about the vast majority of candidates?  Their answer horrified me.

“You shouldn’t vote for them because they’re not serious candidates and they won’t win”.


So, what you’re saying is that no one expected the Dolphins to win the Superbowl this year so they’re not a serious team?  No expected the Marlins to win the World Series so does that make them not a serious team?  It’s bad enough that you were trespassing on my property littering your pamphlets all over the place (both political campaigns are guilty of this) even after I told you that I didn’t want it all over my yard.

I honestly think it is time that the American public needs to pay attention to ALL of the candidates, we’ve had too much bullshit from Republicans and Democrats over the past several decades.  I’m shocked that no one has learned that BOTh sides don’t care about us and we really vote on who puts a prettier bow on their drivel that they spew out every 4 years.

Hey candidates – CLEAN UP YOUR MESS!!

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I can’t wait for this election to be over.  No more harassing phone calls, no more people knocking on my door all day and no more pamphlets and signs all over the place.  The part I love is who is responsible for cleaning up this mess?  We do.

The candidates and their comittees feel that they can throw pamphlets on our cars (especially just before it rains), throw them in our doors, and stuff our mailboxes forcing us to deal with this extra mess that we have to clean up.

I can just imagine the millions of dollars spent on postage and getting these pamphlets printed.  I doubly love the fact that both claim to be for the enviroment yet not a single piece of propoganda that I’ve gotten was printed on recycled paper.