One of life’s great mysteries – magazine inserts

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I’m not kidding – these things are a huge mystery to me.

I get a few magazines, most come unwrapped (not in any packaging like many come today).  What I don’t get is, these things are in-transit to me, when I get them I fan them out to let any of the loose inserts (usually asking me to subscribe to the magazine I just got, though my subscription) and nothing happens so I think “OK, they just attach them inside now, no more loose ones”.


I lie down to read the magazine and within 3 pages I have pamphlets falling onto my chest, floating to the floor and wherever else they may go.

How the hell do they do that?  Is there some sort of invisible seal that prevents form falling out until someone starts to read the magazine (faning it out doesn’t help!).  Is it some sort of adhesive that is sensitive to being read?

Imagine the applications this could have.  Nope, Mr. Robber, I don’t have any money, just this books, see (as I flap the bookaround), knowing that my money would not come out until I get home.  This could also be a great step forward for the IT world, forcing people to at least START to read manuals until a critical part of their device falls out of the manual (or else it wouldn’t work!).

Of course, it would only be a matter of time before our military starts to use it for their own purposes.  Place a bomb in a book that won’t detonate until someone (preferably an enemy) reads it.  Hide ammunition in them, whatever.

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    Unrelated to above post, though thanks for the review. I’m a huge Civ player myself.

    Someone’s looking for you at UFO.

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