Selling things you don’t own should be illegal, right?

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Think about this:  A sales person contacts you about a product.  They offer to sell you the product for a price. You pay for the product then you find out that not only do they not own what you are paying for, there is no guarantee that you’ll get it. I am sure that most people would cry fraud, a scam, or theft with this, which technically it is.

Well, apparently in the domaining world this practices is not illegal, in fact it is not uncommon for people to solicit sales for something that they not only don’t own, but do not have the right to sell. One such entity I am calling out in this post.

Last year, I “won” a domain though a drop catch service (a service that “catches” names as they expire and become available). I paid my fee for the domain and was awaiting the domain to be transferred into the registrar where I could retrieve it. The next day, (over 24 hours later) I receive an email from “Webname Solution” ( offering to sell me this domain for $199.95 (screenshot of the email) In a panic, I quickly contacted the drop catch service and confirmed that I did legally own the domain and it was in the process of being transferred to the registrar. Luckily, a few days later the domain was in my account, where it should be.

I didn’t think anything of it until the other day when I saw this old email in my folder. I thought “Nah, they wouldn’t still be selling the domain, would they?”. Guess what? I was wrong. They are STILL selling it for $199.95.

(Click for a full sized image)

Yes, this company is still selling the domain that I own that they do not have the right to sell. Last I checked, this is illegal. “But Draggar, they could be anywhere!” while this is true, a quick WhoIs check shows who owns the domain:
WhoIs result
The results are:
Webname Solution
1256 Guy Street
Montreal, Qc H3H 2L3

I checked it on Google maps and it is a legitimate address (but who knows if it is the accurate one).

The sad part of al this is that this is not the first, the second, or even the third time this has happened to me. This company has done this a few other times in the past with me but I haven’t noticed it this long. I’ve own the domain for several months now and they are still selling the domain. I’m debating if I should send them a C&D letter and CC my local FBI office since they are fraudulently trying to sell assets owned in the USA?

The economy sucks

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I know, and after watching “The Secret” I’m supposed to keep a positive attitude, which I try to do all the time and are successful many times but I feel I need to get this off of my chest.

The economy sucks. Yes it does. But why?

People are blaming the government – while allowing companies to outsource jobs (and give them tax breaks for doing so) seems to be one of the major factors, it isn’t. The credit crunch now is hurting a lot of people from making large purchases, but most of us still have the credit cards.

The recession is caused by people not spending. Why aren’t they spending? We’re seeing less money or not an increase in money. Why is this happening? Easy – large corporations are hoarding money. I saw a news report this morning about it and I wish I saved the link. Companies are hoarding the money at the top of the chain, including (for the most part) the “stimulus” that the government GAVE to these corporations. They’re being stinger than Montgomery Burns and Ebenezer Scrooge put together. My company didn’t give out ANY pay raises last year and are not giving any out this year (plus no 401K match, and a few other benefits gone). Sure, “temporary” – we all know what that means. I know if I’m lucky I’ll see a raise sometime in 2010 (doubtful, though).

The really sad part is that Wall Street is rewarding this behavior (and why do companies stress so much on the price of their stock?). Large business A says that they are going to lay off thousands of employees – thus contributing to the bad economy and Wall St rewards them by people buying their stock (making the price go up) and making the high-ups who can afford to purchase millions of shares richer.

So, here we are, the worst the economy has been in an extremely long time, at least in my lifetime. What can we do? Unfortunately, not much. What I can suggest is find a niche, something you’re good at, and promote it. Who knows, maybe you can make some extra money with this. But don’t try blogging – I barely make enough though the ads to pay for the registration and hosting fees. J