I saw Star Trek this weekend (in iMax)- no spoilers

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Don’t worry – I won’t give away any spoilers.

I really liked the movie (as a Star Trek fan) and my wife enjoyed it a lot, too (and she doesn’t like Star Trek).  The cast was great – Scotty and Bones were perfect but Checkov was a little too much (they stressed too much on his accent (remember “Vere are the nuclear wessles?”).  Spock and Kirk were also pretty good.  It is a great action film (more action than your average Star Trek film) and great special effects.  I saw it in iMax and it was very impressive.  And yes, Kirk gets a green alien woman (OK, so I lied about the spoiler, but I promise this is the only one and the long time fans will enjoy this).

But – this isn’t about the movie.  I had some assholes behind me in line poking fun at the people dressed in Star Trek gear (mostly TNG / DS9 / VOY uniforms – no aliens that I noticed).  Sorry, but get a life assholes.
First – do they make fun of you when you go to your favorite sports team with your face painted in their colors, your favorite player’s number painted on your chest, dressed in their uniform, and yelling and screaming all the time?  Do they make fun of you because of the way you dress when you go clubbing?  No.

Take a look at yourself – you look ridiculous, seriously, but they don’t make fun of you.  They understand that is your thing, your vice.  You enjoy dressing like that to show your support for your team, your player, your clubbing tradition.

This is their thing – they’re Trekkies (a.k.a. Trekkers).  They love the shows and show their support by spending money on uniforms.  Don’t worry; they don’t dress like this every day.  In fact, unless you knew they did it, you wouldn’t know about it if you met them on any other day that wasn’t a Star Trek movie or some sort of Sci-Fi convention (well, maybe Halloween, too).

We all have our thing where we dress very differently from what we would dress like on a regular basis.  Just because their thing is Star Trek, don’t put them down.  They’re obvious big fans of the franchise and are very happy they are going to see another film.  The last thing they need is some asshole acting like, and with the mentality of, a middle school bully.  Grow up.

Star Trek has given us a lot – it gave many inventors “great ideas” that are a reality today, many we take for granted.  It’s inspired generations of inventors, engineers, entertainers, and scientists which all contribute to the popularity of your own “things”.  If you’d like, I could include a list in a future post.

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2 Responses to “I saw Star Trek this weekend (in iMax)- no spoilers”

  1. thehsxdude Says:

    Draggar a few years ago I downloaded your HSX program that everybody calls “Draggar” and it used to be hosted on this site.

    I have tried for years to get it to work and am successful only 3% of the time. In the status area it says “Read Timed Out”.

    I have spoken with about 10 other HSX players who also have your program. 5 work just fine. 5 have the same problem as me with the read timing out.

    The TT board area works on the bottom for everybody but the stock part doesnt.

    I was wondering if there is any way you could help to get that program working. I find it very useful.

    thank you
    the hsx dude.

  2. Micheline Hilpert Says:

    Good morning. I believe most people would agree with you on how inspirational star trek has been over the decades. it is an amazing show. i went into this movie expecting to hate it, i didn’t think they could capture the old star trek in a way that justified a new film. Within ten minutes i was mesmerized. it was incredible. They really did understand what was important in the old star trek, and then added to it. Of course, some character making points felt a bit forced….but that is to be expected, these characters were trying to fit into characters that most of us have known our entire lives. VERY large shoes to fill.

    About those dressed in costume, i am glad they went out there. but i don’t think the attitude of the others would bother them at all. They are, as most ardent star trek fans are, used to thinking differently and seeing the world from a slightly unique perspective. Which has left them open to criticize most of their lives. But together in a group they are stronger than the individuals that make up the group, and are therefore protected from the scorn of the the “average” man.

    On a totally different note, knowing you like it. The S. Fla. Browncoats are planning this year’s Can’t Stop the Serenity event. We are announcing the date & time some time in the next week. See you there?

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