Crazy people at the airport…

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I was at the airport yesterday waiting for my wife to arrive and, as usual, there was an interesting array of people there.

First, some loud mouthed guy on his cell phone non-stop. High teens low to mid 20s age, acting all tough on his phone. He’s telling his friends that he’s pissed because they wouldn’t let him into the terminal.. He said he was there to pick up a child (with no documentation), he tried to pass off a piece of paper as a ticket, they still wouldn’t let him in. Then, he claims that he told them they’d better let him in or else he’d “kick their asses”. Uh-huh, if you even came close to that your ass would be in a back room in the airport being drilled by security and the local police department. He’s also talking down to some girl (probably his GF that he keeps her self esteem crushed so she’d stay with him).

Karma caught up to him. His mom called, they were stuck on the tarmac because someone got sick and they needed the CDC to clear the plane. HA HA! He was telling her to fake being sick. Yeah, that’ll work, that’ll just make them wait longer.

A couple came in from the terminal with a small child. The mother went to the rest room and the father was too busy on his cell phone to notice that their child was standing at the top of the down escalator playing, and blocking people from going downstairs to baggage claim. I was hoping that the father would drop his cell phone down to the first floor (I don’t want to see the kid get hurt from his own ignorance).

Of course some other bratty kid came up to me and demanded that I give him my Nintendo DS. Yeah, right. No, it’s not your turn. It’s my DS that I bought with my own money. Learn some manners. Of course he goes crying off to his mommy who told him I was being a “mean man”. Fine lady, can I have that laptop in your bag? No? You’re being mean. Like hell I’m going to give a Nintendo DS (that I was using at the time, BTW) to a completely strange kid (plus, kid’s mom, didn’t you ever teach your kids to NOT talk to strangers? If I was a pedophile I could have easily lured that kid away into my car while you were being completely ignorant of the situation and he would be GONE. Obviously chatting on your cell phone is far more important than your child).

I also love watching people argue with security. Pay attention to the rules people. No, you cannot bring that bottle of water onto the plane. You say its water but how can they know? Yes, the knives are for cutting steak but guess what, they are NOT going onto the plane (and arguing with security will NOT get you anywhere so don’t even continue arguing). Wisen up people. Also, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BAGS UNATTENDED. Almost every time I go to the airport security is a few seconds away from closing the terminal because some moronic ass-muncher leaves a bag on the floor (like when going though the zigzag line at security). Of course, at the last second someone just picks it up and acts like nothing happened. Maybe these people should be pulled aside and fully strip searched (cavity search time!). Maybe that will teach them to just leave their bags and risk tens of thousands of travelers getting to where they need to go on time.

Don’t get me wrong, there were dozens of happy reunions (including mine). People were very happy to see each other (I couldn’t get the opening scene of “Dogma” out of my mind with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon). It gave me a warm feeling in my heart. Either that or my heartburn was acting up again. ?

Of course driving in and out of the airport is a living hell, too. People who can’t figure out the self-pay lanes in the parking garage, people slamming on their breaks on the highway that goes around the airport and jumping across 3 lanes. People who drive by the terminal then slam on their breaks to pull across 4 lanes of traffic so they can drop someone off (did you not notice the pretty colors or the huge terminal numbers?). Leaving is dangerous enough. Even with police there stopping traffic to let pedestrians walk across the road people still fly though almost hitting us. Morons.

False Advertising

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I have a large area to cover for my job and it includes many retail stores.

Every day I hear of people claiming “false advertising!” A product isn’t the same price as a different sized one that is advertised. False advertising! A name brand doesn’t have the same brand as a generic. False advertising! Stores add in sales tax, false advertising!

To the people who cry this when there really isn’t any false advertising, get your f-ing head out of your ass. There is false advertising all around us and it seems that no one is complaining about that but are quick to cry foul with they are wrong.

What do I mean?

Let’s see here. Look at a fast food commercial. You see that burger, all juicy, with tons of lettuce and tomato on it. It’s smothered in ketchup and lots of cheese is on it. Yum! You go out to get one of those burgers and you’re lucky if any condiments are on it, let along the lettuce and tomatoes. False advertising? Could be, but we all chalk it down as “advertising”.

You see a commercial for a flashy new cell phone and they’re browsing the web at speeds that would make any T1 user jealous. You go out and but the phone but the web surfing is very slow. False advertising but we chalk it down as advertising.

Car ads claim “up to 50 miles per gallon” but you’re lucky if you ever get that.

So, why is it when people think something isn’t right, don’t understand a promotion, or when they want to abuse the system that it is false advertising but when it is blatant and in our faces, it is advertising?

One of the most obvious advertising campaigns that show phones have five bars everywhere or the person asking someone on the phone if they can hear them. They make it believe that you’ll never have no service and never drop a call. If someone, on any wireless network in the word, has never had no service and has never dropped a call then they are either damn lucky or a liar.

Advertising loves to show us the extreme good in something knowing damn well that the vast majority of us will never experience this exaggerated best. Why is that? Do we just live with it knowing this or don’t care. I don’t know either but unfortunately it has become an accepted part of our society to see what the products we buy will never do in the ads that are supposed to show us what they do.

So people, before you go to a store and claim false advertising when they’re trying to add sales tax or won’t give you the sales price on an item that isn’t on sale, think about what’s really going on in our lives with false advertising.

A hard lesson learned.

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Let this be a lesson to people, hang up and drive!!

My wife and I were heading to dinner last night and we need to stop at the supermarket to pick something up. We were heading to a 4-way intersection. We had a green light but noticed an ambulance was heading westbound and our traffic was stopped.

And then it happened.

An SUV going north stopped blocking an eastbound lane (not west bound traffic and it is a 3 lane road not including turning lanes) to try to let the ambulance go though. Another SUV behind them rear-ended them (pretty hard).

We rolled our eyes at the stupidity of the person who hit them then saw something horrific. A motorcycle was in front of the SUV stopped in the right lane (which was blocked by the accident), I’m assuming to help or call for help. A car had sped around the accent vehicles (ignoring the ambulance) just in time to hit the motorcyclist. He hit with such force that the car went over the motorcycle, the cyclist, and over the guard rail to ride on it about 10 feet then slam back down to the ground. We I saw the motorcyclist he was trying to pull himself off of the street and his legs were bent in directions that legs aren’t supposed to go in.

Luckily there were already two police cars in the intersection and the ambulance was able to stop for a few seconds, I’m assuming to call dispatch to let them know what happened and give details, before heading to their call. We pulled into the supermarket (southwest corner of that intersection) and I watched what was happening when my wife ran in to get a few things. Luckily, another ambulance and a rescue were there within 5 minutes.

The part that is pissing me off the most is that the driver of the car was STILL ON HIS CELL PHONE TALKING (he was holding the phone up to his ear). Obviously he wasn’t paying enough attention to see the accident, the ambulance, or the motorcyclist and obviously his conversation was more important than the poor motorcyclist that he had just most likely broken both legs (at the least).

Yes, I work for a major wireless communications provider but I firmly believe that most of the people out there who talk while driving (not using a headset or other hands free) are distracted and do not have full control of their vehicle plus are not aware of their surroundings.

Raffles should be fun, right?

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If you don’t agree with the title stop reading now.

OK, so raffles should be fun. You go to an event and decide to help support the club or whoever is having the raffle and buy some tickets.

They’re fun until you realize you don’t have any chance of winning.

I was at an event this weekend and they had a raffle to help support the hosting club. I bought tickets in the morning (right after the person running the raffle bought over 200 tickets for “friends”. I put my tickets in the items I wanted (it was a raffle with many prizes and you put your ticket with the prize you want).

Later on, about 30 minutes before the drawing I bought more tickets. One item had one ticket in it so I put 3 tickets in there.

The drawing came and I noticed something fishy.

The person doing the drawing would pull out several tickets, look though them and pick one of the ones she drew out to “win” (many people, myself included, wrote our last names on the ticket). The one that had one ticket in it she pulled them all out (not many), went though 2 and announced the “winner” of the second to last ticket she had.

Then it came to the gift card section of the raffle. They had a little girl who was “unaffiliated with the club” (even though her parents and grandparents are club members). Oddly enough, she had different color tickets, ones they sold later in the day and sold very few. This little girl would look inside the cups, move the tickets around and find the tickets that matched the ones she and her family had. Sure enough, they ended up winning over $150 in gift cards with what looked like about $20 worth of tickets (over $1,000 worth of tickets were sold).

Then the person heading the drawing starts up again. Pulling out several tickets, then picking one. I later checked, out of 100+ prizes, 40 were won by tickets that had numbers within 200 lower than my lowest tickets (being the tickets she purchased for her friends right before I bought mine). Hmm, well over 2,000 tickets were sold and 40% of the prices went to a group of tickets purchased by the person running it (less than 10% of the total tickets sold). I won’t even include the number of her friends what won with tickets they purchased.

I’ve participated in many raffles before and most have been fair, but this one was so blatantly obvious at the level of corruption that I do not want to deal with this club anymore nor would I ever even think of supporting their “raffles” anymore. I might as well just hand my money over to the club officers.

Where are you located?

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I called a store today finding out their hours and where they’re located.

I asked them what side of the street they’re on (she hadn’t given me instructions yet). Her response was “On the right”.


That is all.

Casinos and pools with rain…

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I have to admit, I’m astonished by casinos and their marketing. Casinos marketing is only beat by cigarettes and alcohol (sadly). I went to our local (native American run) casino today and it was very interesting. I only lost $24 (not a bad visit, experted to lose it anyway. Why don’t they just have a donation box in the front? Oh yeah, it wouldn’t have been as fun). :)

You walk in and the rooms are typically dark instantly making you think it is night and you do not want to go back out. Plus, all these bright lights, happy sounds surround you from the slot machines. You are instantly drawn in like a moth to a flame. You just walk in ten feet into the mass of slot machines and you already cannot see you way out. You’re surrounded by the bleeping and clinging of machines with such names as “Double Diamond”, “Lucky Aces”, and “Money to Burn” plus the general copyrighted “Wheel of Fortune” and “Monopoly” (personally, I was partial to “Shake Your Booty”). It’s all happy! Happy happy happy! Why would you want to leave there? You are further drawn in by the money on top of the machines. Quarter slots! Dime slots! NICKEL slots! Wow! All you need is a nickel, right?

Wrong, little do you see that after you slip your money in you notice that now you have to bet multiple coins, rarely in an amount that would make sense (for example, nine “credits” needed for a nickel slot, or $0.45 a pull?). I guess you wouldn’t be drawn in if they said $0.45 slots and $1.25 slots. :) But, your money is already in so why get it out? Eh.

Luckily, I found one of my 1 credit slots ($0.25) that I like (Double Diamond) so I slid my $20 Hamilton into the machine. Sure enough, right off the bat I was on a winning streak. Nice, at one point I was up to $28 and I thought if I hit $40, I’ll cash out. Wouldn’t you know, I didn’t get there. :) SNEAKY! I think they even plan how much you might win and how quickly you can lose it (BTW – a few years ago I did win $80 after I slipped an extra $1 into one and you NEVER saw me hit the cash out button so quickly!!). I then hovered between $20 and $25 and it trickled down into nothingness. Eh, it lasted almost an hour so I can’t complain. I usually throw in an extra $5 or $10 after, but I decided not to. I used up a few more dollars here and there no nickel slots. That didn’t last long.

I find it interesting and they must have done decades of psychological research to find out how much people need to have to want to cash out and have some crazy math equation that would make Albert Einstein jealous to figure out exactly what point will it tease me with some level of winnings only to quickly grab it all back without me noticing. Sneaky sneaky!!

I spent the next few minutes wandering around noticing the people, the sad state people get in while in these casinos. I don’t know their situations, but with the desperation in their eyes you can tell that they need to win. Sorry, if you NEED To win, you shouldn’t be there. They take a drink, the push a button. Take another drink, then push a button (no wonder the drinks are free there). It’s sad that the casino management allows these people in but, they are paying patrons so why kick out the people who support your business?

My advice to people going to a casino is first, and most important, know exactly how much you can afford to lose and if possible, don’t bring any more. Don’t bring any credit cards or ATM cards. Do not get cash in the casino. First, it shows how easy you can get it and two their fees are though the roof. :) Third, don’t drink the alcohol. The FIRST thing that goes with alcohol is your judgment. That $20 limit quickly becomes $150 out of your checking account. Sure, spending a LITTLE extra is OK (I expected to lose $20, I spent $24) but don’t go overboard. Know how long you’ve been there and where you are. Know where the exits are so if you need a cool down time, you quickly can get outside.

After the casino I went back to my parent’s time share and went swimming in the ocean (yes, all of you stuck above the Mason-Dixon line, while you’re freezing your asses off I’m swimming at the beach in water that is around 80 degrees. :p I left and went up on their balcony to just relax. It started to rain. Nothing big, just your typical afternoon sun shower. Sure enough, everyone in the pool went running out of the pool and inside. WTF? You’re IN WATER. What is rain going to do?

Sometimes I just wonder about people (well, all the time that is).