The New American Revolution

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The 2008 presidential election has opened my eyes up to changes that are going to happen. No, I don’t mean the whole Barak vs. McCain thing; I’m talking about the whole political process.

In the past, when people are younger they are liberal but as they grow older they tend to grow conservative as they get older (this is how a lot of people are, not all, some are conservative form the beginning and others stay liberal their entire lives). We even see this with our elected, Republican (conservative) candidates tend to be older while Democrat (liberal) candidates tend to be younger (we’re seeing this exaggerated in our current election, if elected Barak would be the 5th youngest president ever and if elected, McCain would be the oldest president ever elected (ahead of Ronald Regan).

I’ve noticed that the largest demographic in the US (baby boomers) are also the most conservative; I don’t think many people would argue that point.

Over the next few elections, as the baby boomers start to stop voting and more younger people start to vote, we’re going to see a serious swing in how our elections are handled. People are getting tired of the same old stuff that we get every 2, 4, and 6 years from the people who supposedly represent us. Votes are going to become more in-tune with “today”. Today’s technology, today’s politics, today’s world. They’re asking questions where the older generations took things for granted. Generation X started all of this but we were labeled as “whiners” and “babies” who didn’t know what we want. Now, though “generation Y / the MTV generation” are becoming more and more noticeable in today’s political world.

I think a good example of what could happen is the “Velvet Revolution” in the former nation of Czechoslovakia. High school and college students staged peaceful protests and gained popularity with their nation. It took only weeks for their communist government to step down and make way for elections which held until the country peacefully sprint into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

No, I’m not saying split the US into two, but peaceful protests and demonstrations can get the attention of governments, small and large. Unfortunately, too many people in the US want to turn peaceful protests into violence. Very rarely do we have a large peaceful protest stay that way, there are always bad eggs out there who want to promote violence and use innocent protests to get their own agenda going (which always ends in police intervening and ending what was a peaceful protest).

I also see this accelerating if McCain is elected. Conservatives usually don’t protest and fight, liberals do. We will see these changes coming faster and when they come, most of us won’t know what happened.

What changes? I think by 2020 (yes, only 3 elections away, 2012, 2016, and 2020) we’re going to see a strong representation by non-traditional parties (Republican and Democrat). We’re also going to see the promotion of unity (just look at the “divided we fail” ads). Right now, I think the worst part of our government is the political parties. The fact that we have just two and you will rarely see people working together from different sides. As other options come up and gain in popularity, we’ll see more cooperation between the sites.

I also think we’re going to see more politicians listening to us and not just spewing out what we want to hear. In the beginning (2016 and on) we’re going to see a lot of short term senators and representatives. They tell us one thing and then do another, they won’t get voted back in. As they catch on that people won’t take the smoke screens and stretched truths, they’ll start to stick with their word and deliver with what they promised us.

We have the tools now, Web 2.0 (interactive web). Anyone with an internet connection can get a blog and write their own stories, rants, and agenda. More advanced people can get sites and forums up to promote communities. The younger generations are quite adept at these tools while the older generations are having a harder time adapting. Who knows, maybe this will be the medium where the new revolution happens. Not on the streets but on our computers in our blogs and forums.

Politicians, politics, and political supports are hypocits.

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It’s quite interesting how politics can be as hypocritical as possible. It is OK for one candidate to do something but not OK for the other candidate to do the same thing (one is doing it because “he would be a good guy in office” and the other is doing it “because he wants the votes”.

Perfect example, recently both candidates (Barak Obama and John McCain) have said that now is the time to try to help people in the gulf coast in preparations for hurricane Gustav. Now is the time to make donations, help friends and family in need, communities to work together, and for “us to act like Americans”. It is a great thing for both candidates to day.

So why is it that a lot of people one minute would say “See, this is why Obama would be a great president, he’s being proactive about this” but then a few minutes later they’ll say “McCain is only doing this to look good and/or get votes” (and I’ve seen people say the same with the candidates reversed). So, it is OK for the candidate that you like to show this kind of support but not OK for the other?

People complain about their (the politician’s) inconsistencies but then come out with inconsistent statements like this. People, that is hypocritical. How dare people complain like this and moan about politicians’ inconsistencies when the complainers themselves are inconsistent in their support.

The reasoning? Political parties. Most people who debate politics are very biased towards their on party and their party’s agenda and ignore the other sides strengths. Personally, I hate political parties. I’d say get rid of them, we don’t need them. This political bickering is what slows down our progress (along with lawyers trying to find loopholes to exploit and/or close). Just imagine, people might actually have to research who they vote into office as opposed to voting strictly by R, D, and I / other.

Breed speciific legislation – a double edged sword.

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I consider breed specific legislation a serious problem here in the US. It is a very sharp double-edged sword.

On one hand, legitimate and responsible breeders and owners are kept from owning the breed in question thus reducing the number of people trying to improve the breed. With the reduction of responsible owners and breeders you have a much higher percentage of irresponsible owners and breeders thus making a bad situation worse.

Now, this breed that is labeled as a bad breed will get nothing but bad press from the bad owners and breeders making it seem like there is need for stronger legislation against the breed.

And it spirals downward in that direction.

On the other side, instead of the bad part of the breeders and owners into this breed, they now get into other breeds making them a “bad breed” in the eyes of the people who write these laws.

Perfect example:

Pit bulls have a very bad reputation in the US. I don’t think anyone would argue this point. From what I’ve also seen, a majority of the pit bull owners and breeders are irresponsible (note: not all). Pit bulls are also the choice dogs for dog fighting.

So, states, counties, and cities are banning pit bulls making it harder for these people to own them and the few that do, are less likely to be responsible with their breedings and ownerships.

There are a lot of people now who can’t get this breed so they want to continue with their dog fighting and irresponsible ownership so what do they do? They get into another breed. Shepherds, bulldogs, Dobermans, rottweilers, and so on. Now, there is a more dominant bad element with these breeds. So what happens? The politicians start to make legislation against these breeds. I’m already seeing places ban shepherds (one of the most loyal breeds out there, if well bred, trained, and owned).

The solution? That’s easy. Stricter guidelines for breeders and certifications for dogs (allow dogs to be bred that meet a standard) and require all dog owners to go though at least one set of training classes with their dogs. Don’t discriminate, educate people on dogs, how they act, how they thing and so on.

People need to wake up and see that banning specific dog breeds is not the solution.

George W’s War

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This came to me in an email so I cannot cite it’s source but it does put a perspective on things.

No one likes war. War is a horrific affair, bloody and expensive. Sending our men and women into battle to perhaps die or be maimed is an unconscionable thought.

Yet some wars need to be waged, and someone needs to lead. The Citizenry and Congress are often ambivalent or largely opposed to any given war. It’s up to our leader to convince them. That’s why we call the leader “Commander in Chief.”

George W.’s war was no different. There was lots of resistance to it. Many in Congress were vehemently against the idea. The Commander in Chief had to lobby for legislative approval.

Along with supporters, George W. used the force of his convictions, the power of his title and every ounce of moral suasion he could muster to rally support. He had to assure Congress and the public that the war was morally justified, winnable and affordable. Congress eventually came around and voted overwhelmingly to wage war.

George W. then lobbied foreign governments for support. But in the end, only one European nation helped us. The rest of the world sat on its hands and watched.

After a few quick victories, things started to go bad. There were many dark days when all the news was discouraging. Casualties began to mount.

It became obvious that our forces were too small. Congress began to drag its feet about funding the effort.

Many who had voted to support the war just a few years earlier were beginning to speak against it and accuse the Commander in Chief of misleading them. Many critics began to call him incompetent, an idiot and even a liar. Journalists joined the negative chorus with a vengeance.

As the war entered its fourth year, the public began to grow weary of the conflict and the casualties. George W.’s popularity plummeted. Yet through it all, he stood firm, supporting the troops and endorsing the struggle.

Without his unwavering support, the war would have surely ended, then and there, in overwhelming and total defeat.

At this darkest of times, he began to make some changes. More troops were added and trained. Some advisers were shuffled, and new generals installed.

Then, unexpectedly and gradually, things began to improve. Now it was the enemy that appeared to be growing weary of the lengthy conflict and losing support. Victories began to come, and hope returned.

Many critics in Congress and the press said the improvements were just George W.’s good luck. The progress, they said, would be temporary. He knew, however, that in warfare good fortune counts.

Then, in the unlikeliest of circumstances and perhaps the most historic example of military luck, the enemy blundered and was resoundingly defeated. After six long years of war, the Commander in Chief basked in a most hard-fought victory.

So on that historic day, in a place called Yorktown, a satisfied George W. sat upon his beautiful white horse and accepted the surrender of Lord Cornwallis, effectively ending the Revolutionary War on Oct. 19, 1781.

Endangered animal habitats will be, well, endangered

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If the Bush administration has their way it will be up to agencies who conduct projects like highway development, commercial and residential development, and so on, whether or not their projects will endanger the habitats of endangered species.

That’s right, the people who stand to profit the most from these projects will decide if animals are in danger from the projects or not. Sure, the way our government has been going they won’t let a thing like MONEY get in the way of protecting endangered species. What next? Allowing pedophiles decide if they should be allowed near children or not?

Seriously, this is a bad move. We need to protect our planet and legislation like this will surely do the opposite by allowing the destruction of animal habitats for the benefit of a few already wealthy politicians and developers. Because of legislation like the endangered species act stopped the over-development of places like the Florida Everglades which has proven to be highly important to the local ecosystem. Now, we will be able to witness the destruction of such species on the brink like wolves and the buffalo. Nah, we don’t need them, that superhighway is more important. Oh, and since we’ll have the superhighway, we might as well build a 500 acre mega mall with a 1500 acre parking lot.

Freedom of Relgion – under attack or freedom of favoritism?

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The Sun Sentinel reported a story about a very nice home in an upscale community, and the adjacent lot, are “tax free” due to the religious exemption. For Joe Average, this property would cost about $64,000 in taxes a year.

If this property was a church I wouldn’t mind as much (even though Jesus said something along the lines of “pay Caesar the money owed to him” referring to taxes). But it is not. The Sun Sentinel describes the property being used as:

“Church representatives say they use the property to house missionaries working in Haiti and as a home for the church founder”

That’s right; the founders personal home is tax free due to the religious exemption.

Here is the kicker. We have some friends in our Pagan / Wiccan groups who tried to claim religious exemption but were denied by the county since “Paganism and Wicca are not recognized religions”. In other words, only Christian, Jewish, and Muslim places of worship are “recognized”.

I guess someone packed us up and made us leave the USA without our knowledge (is Florida still part of the US?). I thought we had the “freedom of religion”? Hmm..

Oh, wait, we have this little document called “The United States Constitution” and the very first Amendment is:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Being the first Amendment (well, Amendment I for all of you law people) means it was the fist thing that came to the writers’ minds. It was the most important part of this document. If not, it would have been further down the list.

So, the Broward county officials feel that they can override the most significant part of the founding document of this nation by creating laws that benefit one religion over another.

Watch out America, our “Freedom of Religion” is under attack also.

Barak Obama asks donators to pay off Hillary’s debts

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News story here.

So, Barak has asked donators to pay off Hillary’s debts that she amassed during her political campaign (including $22M that she got total including $12M she donated (now it’s considered “loaned” to herself (I wonder which one would be paid off first). I guess along with our own debts they want us to pay off their debts, too.

Hmm, I wonder if this would work for me? I have a website here and many others, reoccurring costs of about $2,500 a year. Would anyone like to donate to help me pay off those debts? Feel free to send funds via PayPal to my name (draggar) at gmail (dot) com. (any donations sent to me will not be paid back, BTW) Let’s see what happens. I doubt I’ll get anything but feel free to send a note with the payment and I’ll send a thank you out though the blog. :)

It seems that all of the “donations” that were given to Hillary are not “loans”. I guess everyone is pissed that she didn’t win (my hat is off to the US’s voting public who flipped the bird to everyone by voting for Barak). I guess we really see how these “donators” are now, they’ll donate as long as things are going their way but now they want their money back. I guess even these corporations don’t understand the point behind a donation (and I wonder how many of these donations have been used as a tax write off already?).

BTW – I’m also willing to bet that the average Joe who sent money to Hillary (people who work hard for their money) will be the very last people in line for the money (and probabaly some very high interest rates, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary paid herself back $15 million+).

Again, politicians seem to not care about us or the image they portray to us.

Again, remember, send your “donations” to help me pay off my debts vis PayPal to draggar (at) gmail (dot) com. (Again, donations will be kept by me and will not be paid back, but at least I will use them to help pay off my debts).

Edit: 6-28-2008
It looks like Barak is putting his money where his mouth is, quite literally: News story. Although $2,300 from him and his wife (4,600 total) is a drop in the bucket and I’m willing to bet is more of a “unite the Democrats move” than actually him being a nice guy. Hey Barak, since you’re giving away money, how about sending some to my PayPal account mentioned above?

I don’t know about other people out there but this looks like a clear-cut attempt to buy votes.

Barak Obama needs a lesson in inflation now…

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CNN News story

So now Barak is jumping on the band wagon, pump more money into the economy and we’ll be fine. Sure. He cited jump in unemployment and rising gas & oil prices as the main reasons to do this.

OK, I haven’t seen a single penny from the last increase in available money (the stimulus checks were NOT part of that). But what I have seen is the value of my own money go down which causes the price of anything that has to do with any kind of importing go up. Food, gas, electricity, just about everything. Since our dollar is weaker now, it costs more to get the same amount of produce in a foreign country (even if the price of those products remained the same in the other country). So they throw this money into the economy but very few of us see it (I’m willing to bet the people who see it are the ones who don’t need it, the rich just keep on getting richer and us in the middle and lower classes get stuck with the high price tags).

Now Barak wants to do this again! Sure and I guarantee you that if another $500B (that’s $50,000,000,000) is thrown at us the value of our dollar will drop to historically low value and the price of oil WILL shoot over $200 a barrel and we’ll wish gas was only $4 a gallon. What’s the worst part is that we’re throwing so much money out of the country (outsourcing just about everything now) that there is less and less of it for us (you know, the people who pay to have the money printed?) to have in our own wallets making it more difficult for us to afford basics such as food, rent or mortgage, electricity, gas, etc.

I now see that Barak is no better than the rest of the politicians that are out there. Pat their friends on the back, fill their wallets and f*ck the working class in America, the people who actually voted him into the position he’s in now.

OK, government, do you really want to help the economy? How about this:

* Tax breaks for businesses that keep workers in the US

* Tax breaks for citizens

* (Politicians) Stop all the bull$h!t dilly-dallying in Iraq and bring the troops home

* Force the car manufacturers and fuel companies to put out more alternative fuel cars and filling stations, we know they own all of the patents but they’re just sitting on their hands while keeping us addicted to foreign oil. For me, the nearest “alternative fuel” station is over 4 hours away.

* Invest more into renewal energy & make it more cost effective

Wake up America! Part 2 – Inflation

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OK people, let me give you a simple lesson in economics.

We’ve heard a nasty word recently (well, IMO it is not that nasty, it is only nasty when it works against us). INFLATION.

We’ve heard a lot of pointers on why the dollar is so “weak” right now (the Canadian dollar is worth more than the US Dollar now, don’t even get me started on the Euro, this has killed the potential for some good investments for me).

We’ve heard this is because of the high price of oil, the interest rates, the high price of gas, etc. etc. etc. All of which is complete bullshit.

Inflation is caused by the value of a country’s currency which is the ratio of (Country’s GNP / Available Currency (including credit). So, anyone who knows ratios and fractions can see that the more currency (and credit) available the lower value our money is. Now, what happened just before the dollar crashed?

Don’t believe me? Webster’s:
( )
A persistent increase in the level of consumer prices or a persistent decline in the purchasing power of money, caused by an increase in available currency and credit beyond the proportion of available goods and services.

Oh yeah, the government signed bills allowing BILLIONS of dollars to be pumped into banks allowing people to borrow more money. Smooth move people. Now our dollar is worth very little to other nations.

Now, we’re blaming OPEC on the high price of gas and oil which is also, ready? BULLSHIT!! Since our dollar is weaker, it costs more to get a barrel of oil from other countries. OK, so our dollar has gone to record lows in value causing the price of oil to skyrocket (which also directly affects the price we pay at the gasoline pump).

Our government is blaming inflation on the price of oil and OPEC when that is the exact opposite of the truth. Our own government pushed the value of our dollar so far down that anything that has anything to do with something that is imported will cost us more, including gas and oil!


Wake up America!

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I’ve had no love for Hillary for a very long time and I have never been shy about it.

I don’t know which is worse, the lies and narcissism that Hillary has displayed during this election or the people who have been duped into believing in here. OK, I can understand that a lot of people in the US didn’t see the NY senate race between Hillary and Giuliani. I lived in New Jersey at the time so it was all over our news. People even asked Hillary how come she was running for New York instead of Arkansas (where she’s from). Her response was “I’ve always been a Yankees girl”. Really now? Did you even know that the Yankees were in the World Series that year or were you too busy kissing up to everyone to even go to a single game? Giuliani made the time to go to several games and I think he even threw out the first pitch during one of the games. Someone of her magnitude could have easily gotten into one of the games.

A few months ago, while behind in the race, Hillary made a (desperate) offer to Obama. Let him concede and she would accept him as her vice president candidate. Um, what? You don’t make offers like that when you are in second place. Luckily Obama ignored the request and continued to win election after election and is now 4 votes shy of the nomination (over 200 delegate lead over Hillary). Then, she tells him he should quit to unite the Democrats. Now, she’s saying that she would accept an offer to be the vice president candidate.

Obama, I really hope you do not consider this. Most Democrats are very passionate and strongly divided. You would lose votes to McCain if you took her as your vice presidential candidate. If Hillary is in the office we can rest assured that the next 4 years she’ll end up being the president by hogging the spotlight.

If you ask me who Obama’s VP candidate should be, I have no idea. Someone with similar views to Obama (Cheney must have had an uncomfortable time w/ Bush’s “same sex marriage ban” issues with his daughter) and someone who doesn’t mind being in the background (not John Edwards either).

(This is not an endorsement; I’m going to consider this election, like many others in the past, the lesser of all of the evils).