Barak Obama asks donators to pay off Hillary’s debts

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News story here.

So, Barak has asked donators to pay off Hillary’s debts that she amassed during her political campaign (including $22M that she got total including $12M she donated (now it’s considered “loaned” to herself (I wonder which one would be paid off first). I guess along with our own debts they want us to pay off their debts, too.

Hmm, I wonder if this would work for me? I have a website here and many others, reoccurring costs of about $2,500 a year. Would anyone like to donate to help me pay off those debts? Feel free to send funds via PayPal to my name (draggar) at gmail (dot) com. (any donations sent to me will not be paid back, BTW) Let’s see what happens. I doubt I’ll get anything but feel free to send a note with the payment and I’ll send a thank you out though the blog. :)

It seems that all of the “donations” that were given to Hillary are not “loans”. I guess everyone is pissed that she didn’t win (my hat is off to the US’s voting public who flipped the bird to everyone by voting for Barak). I guess we really see how these “donators” are now, they’ll donate as long as things are going their way but now they want their money back. I guess even these corporations don’t understand the point behind a donation (and I wonder how many of these donations have been used as a tax write off already?).

BTW – I’m also willing to bet that the average Joe who sent money to Hillary (people who work hard for their money) will be the very last people in line for the money (and probabaly some very high interest rates, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary paid herself back $15 million+).

Again, politicians seem to not care about us or the image they portray to us.

Again, remember, send your “donations” to help me pay off my debts vis PayPal to draggar (at) gmail (dot) com. (Again, donations will be kept by me and will not be paid back, but at least I will use them to help pay off my debts).

Edit: 6-28-2008
It looks like Barak is putting his money where his mouth is, quite literally: News story. Although $2,300 from him and his wife (4,600 total) is a drop in the bucket and I’m willing to bet is more of a “unite the Democrats move” than actually him being a nice guy. Hey Barak, since you’re giving away money, how about sending some to my PayPal account mentioned above?

I don’t know about other people out there but this looks like a clear-cut attempt to buy votes.

Wake up America! Part 2 – Inflation

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OK people, let me give you a simple lesson in economics.

We’ve heard a nasty word recently (well, IMO it is not that nasty, it is only nasty when it works against us). INFLATION.

We’ve heard a lot of pointers on why the dollar is so “weak” right now (the Canadian dollar is worth more than the US Dollar now, don’t even get me started on the Euro, this has killed the potential for some good investments for me).

We’ve heard this is because of the high price of oil, the interest rates, the high price of gas, etc. etc. etc. All of which is complete bullshit.

Inflation is caused by the value of a country’s currency which is the ratio of (Country’s GNP / Available Currency (including credit). So, anyone who knows ratios and fractions can see that the more currency (and credit) available the lower value our money is. Now, what happened just before the dollar crashed?

Don’t believe me? Webster’s:
( )
A persistent increase in the level of consumer prices or a persistent decline in the purchasing power of money, caused by an increase in available currency and credit beyond the proportion of available goods and services.

Oh yeah, the government signed bills allowing BILLIONS of dollars to be pumped into banks allowing people to borrow more money. Smooth move people. Now our dollar is worth very little to other nations.

Now, we’re blaming OPEC on the high price of gas and oil which is also, ready? BULLSHIT!! Since our dollar is weaker, it costs more to get a barrel of oil from other countries. OK, so our dollar has gone to record lows in value causing the price of oil to skyrocket (which also directly affects the price we pay at the gasoline pump).

Our government is blaming inflation on the price of oil and OPEC when that is the exact opposite of the truth. Our own government pushed the value of our dollar so far down that anything that has anything to do with something that is imported will cost us more, including gas and oil!


CNN You Care Disgusting!

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Not only does your latest ploy prove that you are selling out it shows your lack of sensitivity towards people.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at this picture:

Fill sized image here

Yes, that is a t-shirt you can buy with CNN’s headlines on it. Not only are they profiting off of the news, they are merchandising other people’s misery, a luxury previously only enjoyed by our insurance agencies.

This one (in the picture) is “Hit and run cop nailed by own dash cam”. OK, this one isn’t too bad but I actually saw one earlier today that said “hundreds feared dead from Myanmar typhoon”. Um, you want to sell t-shirts that promote a natural disaster that hundreds of people have died in and get 100% of the proceeds from it?

I honestly can’t think of anything lower, more evil, and selfish than any company has done in a very long time. Just when I thought things couldn’t get more thoughtless, they come out with this.

I guess it is time to find another news site.

A hard lesson learned.

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Let this be a lesson to people, hang up and drive!!

My wife and I were heading to dinner last night and we need to stop at the supermarket to pick something up. We were heading to a 4-way intersection. We had a green light but noticed an ambulance was heading westbound and our traffic was stopped.

And then it happened.

An SUV going north stopped blocking an eastbound lane (not west bound traffic and it is a 3 lane road not including turning lanes) to try to let the ambulance go though. Another SUV behind them rear-ended them (pretty hard).

We rolled our eyes at the stupidity of the person who hit them then saw something horrific. A motorcycle was in front of the SUV stopped in the right lane (which was blocked by the accident), I’m assuming to help or call for help. A car had sped around the accent vehicles (ignoring the ambulance) just in time to hit the motorcyclist. He hit with such force that the car went over the motorcycle, the cyclist, and over the guard rail to ride on it about 10 feet then slam back down to the ground. We I saw the motorcyclist he was trying to pull himself off of the street and his legs were bent in directions that legs aren’t supposed to go in.

Luckily there were already two police cars in the intersection and the ambulance was able to stop for a few seconds, I’m assuming to call dispatch to let them know what happened and give details, before heading to their call. We pulled into the supermarket (southwest corner of that intersection) and I watched what was happening when my wife ran in to get a few things. Luckily, another ambulance and a rescue were there within 5 minutes.

The part that is pissing me off the most is that the driver of the car was STILL ON HIS CELL PHONE TALKING (he was holding the phone up to his ear). Obviously he wasn’t paying enough attention to see the accident, the ambulance, or the motorcyclist and obviously his conversation was more important than the poor motorcyclist that he had just most likely broken both legs (at the least).

Yes, I work for a major wireless communications provider but I firmly believe that most of the people out there who talk while driving (not using a headset or other hands free) are distracted and do not have full control of their vehicle plus are not aware of their surroundings.

Palm Beach County – Is this communism or are you just insane?

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This is part of Palm Beach County’s new pet law:

I have been chatting on one of my breed group lists about these
legislative nightmares and just had some scary feedback from Palm Beach FL.

Palm Beach county is now hiring deputized volunteers. They call the volunteers s the Citizens Pet Patrol. These volunteers will act as puppy buyers, call on ads, call clubs for referrals, roam the neighborhoods, and yes, even dog shows. If they find anything they “THINK” might be wrong or against their agenda, they will run to get a warrant to enter your home. The hobby breeders who have a permit from the county have already given implied consent to these people to enter their homes by signing the permit.

Here is some language directly off the volunteer application:

*You must have a car and be able to volunteer 4 hours a day two days a week.

*Responsibilities involve setting up educational booths at pet supply stores, special events in the county (dog shows, perhaps?) and schools.

Additional roles include patrolling known problem areas for non-compliant issues and report findings to AC.

The volunteers are said to be mostly AR’s who apparently have nothing better to do.

My breeder friends are terrified and feel they can no longer allow potential puppy buyers to come to their homes to visit the puppies.

(end quote)

WHAT THE HELL? Are we in Nazi America now? Citizen patrollers / tattle tales / uneducated animal freaks can just volunteer and easily get a warrant so THEY can enter your house?

Sorry, I thought this was America, home of the free. Well, this isn’t freedom. In fact, this is the government intruding into your house. Yes, the government is once again telling us how to live our lives.

Hey Palm Beach, here’s something to do: GO AFTER THE PEOPLE CAUSING THE PROBLEMS! You know DAMN WELL that the people abusing the animals will easily volunteer so they can keep their abused animals and go after the legitimate people trying to improve the animals lives. APRI registered “breeders” will go after ethical breeders and you’ll be left with poorly bred, poorly raised, poorly trained, poorly kept animals all over the county. They’re punishing the people who do things the right way.

I knew this law was a bad idea when I first head it and it is obvious that the people who wrote this have no clue about animals, breeding, training, or even how to raise them (and having a kitty cat you got from the shelter DOES NOT COUNT!!).

Grow up Palm Beach politicians.

Raffles should be fun, right?

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If you don’t agree with the title stop reading now.

OK, so raffles should be fun. You go to an event and decide to help support the club or whoever is having the raffle and buy some tickets.

They’re fun until you realize you don’t have any chance of winning.

I was at an event this weekend and they had a raffle to help support the hosting club. I bought tickets in the morning (right after the person running the raffle bought over 200 tickets for “friends”. I put my tickets in the items I wanted (it was a raffle with many prizes and you put your ticket with the prize you want).

Later on, about 30 minutes before the drawing I bought more tickets. One item had one ticket in it so I put 3 tickets in there.

The drawing came and I noticed something fishy.

The person doing the drawing would pull out several tickets, look though them and pick one of the ones she drew out to “win” (many people, myself included, wrote our last names on the ticket). The one that had one ticket in it she pulled them all out (not many), went though 2 and announced the “winner” of the second to last ticket she had.

Then it came to the gift card section of the raffle. They had a little girl who was “unaffiliated with the club” (even though her parents and grandparents are club members). Oddly enough, she had different color tickets, ones they sold later in the day and sold very few. This little girl would look inside the cups, move the tickets around and find the tickets that matched the ones she and her family had. Sure enough, they ended up winning over $150 in gift cards with what looked like about $20 worth of tickets (over $1,000 worth of tickets were sold).

Then the person heading the drawing starts up again. Pulling out several tickets, then picking one. I later checked, out of 100+ prizes, 40 were won by tickets that had numbers within 200 lower than my lowest tickets (being the tickets she purchased for her friends right before I bought mine). Hmm, well over 2,000 tickets were sold and 40% of the prices went to a group of tickets purchased by the person running it (less than 10% of the total tickets sold). I won’t even include the number of her friends what won with tickets they purchased.

I’ve participated in many raffles before and most have been fair, but this one was so blatantly obvious at the level of corruption that I do not want to deal with this club anymore nor would I ever even think of supporting their “raffles” anymore. I might as well just hand my money over to the club officers.

America Wants Crap!!

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Years of experience in retail gives you a real perspective on what America (well, the general populace) wants. As much as people post bad reviews, complain about performance, reliability, and price, in the end people end up buying CRAP. So, Americans must want crap.

Yes, you heard me, America’s general populace wants to not only buy but rely on crap, and them complain about it. If you don’t believe me, look at the areas of the world who are the masters of the same type of products. Electronics? Look at Japan and South Korea. Cars? Look at Germany. Chocolate? Look at Belgium and Switzerland. Dogs? Look at France, Belgium, and Germany. No, don’t look at products that have headquarters based in these areas, like your fancy Samsung phone. Don’t look at what’s here, look at what Samsung has in South Korea.

America is getting it’s ass kicked in good quality products, and we have Joe Average to blame. We want cheap, we pay for cheap, but cheap is cheap. Why do you think it is cheap? The manufacturers cut back on higher quality components, using less reliable components that aren’t as consistent as the more expensive counterparts (just like the finished product). So, people think that a free cell phone should perform just as well as the $500 cell phone. Uh-huh, I hear that every day, yet I have never heard anyone make the same comparison to a cheap car to a high end luxury car (for example, no one has ever expected a Kia to perform like a Mercedes or BMW).

We also have a much higher tendency to complain about something than compliment, we’re a negative nation. You don’t believe me? Look at the news. We’re spoon fed war, death, destruction, kidnappings, disease, accidents. When was the last time you saw more than a 5 second blurb on a new school that was built on the national news? How about a mayor who gave a million dollars to help a struggling community? We hear about layoffs, but rarely about mass hirings. We see war and death, but rarely peace and life. Currently, we’re almost non-stop hearing about terrorist attacks in Iraq killing hundreds of civilians every day, but how many people have heard of the number of jobs that were created, the number of schools and hospitals that were opened, or the countless opportunities given to people every day? I haven’t.

So, Draggar, you’re acting like you know it all, but what can we do about it?

The solution isn’t an easy one, nor will it happen overnight. First, we need to look at the products that we’re about to buy. Look into unbiased reviews on sites such as,, CNET, and countless other sites that allow Joe average to review the products that they’re purchased and used. Feel free to share your opinions with your own products, too. Talk to your friends and/or family who might have used these products and see what they say, and don’t be afraid to spend an extra few dollars on a good quality product. Then, let other people know about your experiences with the product, the good and the bad. My friends know I can’t shut up about my two printers, I think they are excellent printers. Be open and honest, and try to support your opinions with facts and also feel free to share them on the before mentioned sites.

Dogs are a different story. I see puppy stores, and I’m despised at this. The vast majority of puppy store puppies come from puppy mills, places where dogs are bred and bred until death, think of mass producing dogs without a care for the dogs’ health. People seem to rather pay $500 for a puppy store puppy than $1000 for a “pet quality” dog from a reputable breeder, because it is too expensive. Sure, you save $500 up front, but it may up end up costing you thousands more in vet bills in as little as a few months later. Feel free to read A pet store puppy on a view on what it is like for a puppy store puppy to live, and what an over has a higher chance of going though. Don’t be afraid to go to dog shows and talk to people, if a good breeder thinks you’re going to be a good owner, a lot of them will allow you to adopt a “pet quality” dog, meaning a dog that isn’t show or working quality, but will still come with the same genetic guarantees, for the price of a spay or neuter. We got one of our dogs though that process, and not only did we get an over-excellent dog, we also know that if, for some catastrophic reason, we cannot care for her, the breeder will without hesitation take the dog back and re-home her (but it would be a very serious situation if we did do that). If you don’t know a breeder, contact a local rescue organization, they’ll temperament test the dogs and do home checks, even if that is not available, visit your local shelter. Many are overcrowded and would love to have someone pull out a dog or two (or any animal for that matter).

So, don’t be afraid to spend an extra few bucks for something good, it can be worth it in the long run and maybe, just maybe, other countries will look at America and say “hey, they know their stuff!”.