LLLL.com giveaway!

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A friend of mine form DNF is giving away a LLLL.com (4-letter.com) domain!  Read about it here:



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I’ve always liked growth / simulation games.  Some of my favorites are the SimCity and Civilization series games so you could imagine how interested I was when I first heard of Spore.  It seemed like a modern version of a cross between SimLife and Civilization.  In my book that has a lot of potential.

Unfortunately, the game did not live up to my expectations.  My biggest disappointment – the game is extremely linear to me.  Sure, you can dsign your own species of intelligent life and start from scratch but the game itself is a little boring and monotonous.

You start off as a microorganism and you need to eat plants or meat (or other animals).  OK, this can be interesting.  As you go, you find evolutionary add-ons (beaks, poison etc..) that will alow you to grow and become more powerful.  As you go on with this level, it becomes boring after a few levels.

Finally, you make it onto land.  You are a creature who needs to built intelligence and you can either destroy or ally with other creatures.  This can require some skill but with a little pratice, it can easily be mastered.  There are dozens of opprotunities here to get evolutionary powerups.

Next, you are sentient / intellignet but tribal.  You need to conquer other tribes either though allying with them or destroying them (sounds familiar?).  While this part can be fun, it is extremely repetitive and will get boring after a few times you go though this level.

Next is the intelligent / modern day level.  This is actually quite boring.  Again, you must either destroy (conquer) or ally with all of your rivals.  By this time I was bored with the repetiveness of the game.  You have three kinds of unites, land, sea, air (and only one of each kind).

Finally, you’re in the space race.  You can fly to other planets and guess what?  You can either make allies / trade partners or destroy / conquer other civilizations.  Wow.  Where have I seen this before?  Oh yeah, you only have one space ship (you can get get allies to fly with you depending on your level).

The graphics in the game are not that bad and do not choke my system (Intel Core2 1.8GHz, 2GB Gam, 512MB Video, not shared running XP home SP3) which is hard to find in today’s games (everyone tries to cram as much as they can into one game killing systems that even meet the “recommended system requirements”).  The control is easy to learn and simple to use.

The game had a lot of potential but did not live up to the hype in my eyes.  On a scale of one to ten I give the game a 4.  The easy to learn gameplay is what helped the game keep a score that high but the redundancy is a killer.

Now that I’m all caught up..

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All the posts from Draggar’s Blog are now on this site. Enjoy – this is where you’ll see them from now on. :)

Gamestop & used games

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Gamestop, what is up with this? I see you sell used games at a “discount” which is really nice but, what is the point of it when the used game is $29 and the new is $30? You don’t see any other industry that does this. Do you see used cars just a few dollars below the invoice for an identical new one? Nope.

Yes, some of the games are $2-$5 cheaper, but when I see several used games that are $1 less than a new one, then I’m buying the new one. $1 is worth not having a game that was over-played by someone else, breathed on, handled, and so on. I can go to a pawn shop and probably get the same used game in the same condition for 1/2 the price (and I should!).

Come on guys, change your policy. Don’t insult our intelligence be claiming “discounts” on used games that don’t have the box, manual, or anything else, just a game, when the new version is only a dollar or two more.

Hello all!

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Yeah, as the title says, hello all, or should I say hell-o all? Eh, whatever.

Hi, I’m Draggar, nice to meet you. Some friends of mine at work turned me onto this blog thing which is really odd since I have a few blogging sites up for other people and also I have Hurricane Web Logs but that site needs a hell of a lot of work (it looks very generic right now) and isn’t really bloggish, but still a cool place to throw up pics and whatnot.

What do I do? I work in the IT department of a rather large company fixing their computers and managing the inventory in the tech room to make sure we have what we need and if we don’t have it, we get it in. It’s quite a mess now because the other techs aren’t inventory geeks like I am and they’ve been short handed for almost a year now so I had quite the mess to clean up. But hey, I’ve spent about 10 hours on it the past two weeks and it’s getting better (believe it or not).

I do this for fun, not to make money, but if I do make money with it then hey, more power to me. :) I’m also trying to learn Adobe Creative Suite (Dreamweaver, Flash, Acrobat, Illustrator and Photoshop) plus on the site I also dabble with Adobe Premier Elements (very cool program). Throw in some web programming languages like CSS, XHTML, XML, DHTML, Ajax, JavaScript, PHP, and MySql so my hands are a little full outside of work but I won’t have any shame bragging about any little tricks I’ve learned recently. :D

I also like to do some digital imaging, photography, creative stuff, video editing, and so on. I have a digital camera and a camcorder that came with a docking station so I can easily entertain myself for hours on end, if needed.

Not much else to say other than I am a complete geek. I have 3 PCs at my desk plus a docking station for my work laptop. Yeah, I’m a computer geek, I also have computers in my closet (don’t tell my wife) and parts up the wazoo all over including 3 hard drives on my desk (all internal and not attached).

Other hobbies include GOOD music, not the shit that is out today, I’m talking real good music. Most of the stuff is older than your average blogger, stuff like Styx, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Elton John, and other typical classic rock stuff, plus 80s and some 90s. I also like medieval artillery and I do have not one, but two working trebuchets (take that word, spell checker!) on my desk I don’t fire them often since it could break something but they look cool next to my Star Wars Lego sets. Did I say I was a geek? Also, living in south Florida you need to keep an eye on the weather so I have a weather station. I am getting th FTP settings set up with the software so I can upload my data to my web site (when that is up and running I’ll post the link) plus I can record data as hurricanes and other tropical disturbances go though. Fun fun fun!!!

I am also on MySpace. I don’t keep up with it that often but sometimes I do. You’ll also see me posting on Customers Suck. The site is hilarious and helps me keep my sanity.

Well, time to go, I think I’ve babbled on long enough and I’ll see you all on the flip side.

Edit: I noticed I don’t like the way this template looks so I’ll be playing with the CSS part of the page but if you have any suggestions, feel free to throw them my way. :)

Welcome to Draggar.net!

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This is a site I have resurrected from the dead.  I initially had something similar but then moved over to draggarsblog.com while this site withered into nothingness.

Then, things happened and I started to want to bring this site back to life.  Fast forward past being screwed by a registrar and host, moving everything to a new registrar, and then a new host.

Here I am now.  Cutting my ties with 1&1, moving over to GoDaddy and HostMonster.

This site will be a continuation of DragarsBlog, I’ll even start moving those posts over to this site as time permits.  Enjoy while I am here!